Sunday, September 2, 2007

Adobe Lightroom Workshop

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Adobe's Lightroom software. This is a software package designed especially for professional photographers. I've been using Photoshop for a few years, and know that it came with a pretty decent learning curve. (Keep in mind, I'm very good at figuring out software with my engineering background!). So, this workshop would be a perfect introduction a new software package. An added bonus was that Scott Kelby (oooooh, ahhhhhh!) was the presenter. He is THE master in Photoshop. Aside from being amazingly talented and smart, he was funny! It was a fun day. I'm excited to use the software now, as it will surely make editing faster and better. And, for my clients, I've already used the compare mode. Clients can sit at my computer and we can do side-by-side comparisons of their photos to know they're making the right choices. Now, THAT is the best part.

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