Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Newborn "A" {Cary Newborn Photographer}

I'm so excited about this shot! I've had this prop for some time now, but didn't have a baby sleepy enough to put into it. Doesn't he look so comfy and cozy?  What an adorable boy, just one week old, all tiny and all curled up. 

And his mommy is so awesome and scheduled his first session almost two months in advance.  And, she even brought some really awesome hats for him to wear.  Love the little elf hat. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Girls On The Run Northwest Illinois 5K June 2011

I remember hearing that there are no selfless acts, because even when we give of ourselves 100%, we are rewarded with good feelings.  And because of that good feeling, it's not really a selfless act.  That's how I feel about donating my time and talent to Girls On The Run of Northwest Illinois. For the past three years, I've volunteered to photograph the 5K race, and every time, I get a gooey feeling in my stomach when I see the excitement and anticipation on the girls faces as they get ready for the race. I have chills when I hear Laurie Dayon's pre-race pep talk. And I my eyes well up with tears when I see the girls finish with the roaring support of fans, and hugs and high fives from their running buddies. In that moment, I know they are having a mountain top experience that changes how they see themselves and makes them believe that anything is possible. I'm so proud of them. And I'm so proud to see so many of my friends and clients cross the line, too.  So, congratulations to all you girls!

This year was particularly inspiring, as the race has grown so large that the fans along the finish line were staking out seats early like it was a Disney Parade. The pre-race lineup was too big to even get in a single shot. And, Laurie's pre-race pep talk was heard from high in the sky in a bucket truck! (Go Laurie!!!!) And I have to say that the entire GOTR crew did an amazing job to keep everything running smoothly. 

The race photos are online on my website on the featured tab. Go check them out to see what an awesome day it was.

This year, digital images are for sale. A single image, printable up to 5x7, is $15. The entire disk of 477 images is for sale for $50. And check out what a cool disk it is. Don't ya want one? ;)   Oh, and 20% of the sales will be donated back to GOTRNWIL.  You know you want one...

If you are interested in purchasing an 11.25 x 17 poster of the collage below, let me know.  Pricing will depend on how many people want them.  If there is enough demand, they'll probably be around $10 each, with $2 going back to GOTRNWIL.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cover!!!! {Chicago Photographer}

I'm seriously the worst blogger when I can't even post really awesome stuff on my blog in a timely fashion. But, hey, here it is! In May, the American Motorcyclist Association hired me to shoot Rebecca and her bikes in her garage for the July issue. Turns out, they really liked the images (and Rebecca), because we ended up getting the cover! There's also almost a full page image inside the magazine. How cool is that?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun Family {Chicago Family Photography}

Just a quick post to share two from a really fun family! Such cute kids (and really nice parents, too)!