Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Innocent wisdom

Today, my daughter inspired me. We all believed, at one time, that we could save the world. Where do we, as grown-ups, lose sight that we can make a difference? We can change the our lives, our community, even the world.

I believe we all have good ideas and can make a difference. But most of the time, we find excuses why it won't work even before we start trying. We give ourselves reasons to not even try. Just think of all the lost opportunities because we don't try. All it takes is an idea, a belief we can do it, and the action to make it happen.

Here's a challenge for you all. Pick one thing you've been wanting to try. One thing that's been eating at you, but you just haven't done it. Maybe it's to take guitar lessons. Join a book club. Better yet, start a book club. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Get involved in local politics. Donate your time/talent in a big way to someone who could use some help. Reach out to an individual who needs help. Volunteer at the food pantry. Start exercising. Sign up for a triathlon.

Whatever it is, pick it. Write it down. And take action. Today. Do it. And tell me what it is and what action you took. Yes, I'm holding you accountable. If

I get a huge response, I might even toss out a free photo session to the idea I like best. Action counts. Now, think hard, and act. Be inspired. Show me your inspiration. Put your foot to the floor and go.