Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cary-Grove Class of 2011 {Cary Senior Photography}

Here are a few from a great session last week.  I had so much fun.  She was sooo natural in front of the camera with her gorgeous eyes and smile.

Monday, May 16, 2011

American Motorcyclist Magazine {Chicago Commercial Photography}

I love when I get to work with really cool people for a really cool assignment. Last week, I did a shoot for the American Motorcyclist Association. The American Motorcyclist Magazine is doing a piece about Rebecca, who doesn't own a car and uses her bikes and other forms of public transportation to get around. I met her last Monday at her amazing garage in Evanston. It had tons of character, inside and out. And, I could go on about how awesome Rebecca is, how she came alive when she was talking about things she's passionate about (her bikes and her business). You can check out her blog here. And just what a cool person she is. But, if I did all that, I'd probably embarrass her. (Hi Rebecca! You rock! I hope you like these.) Being around people like that is so cool, because some of their excitement for life can't help but rub off on you. And that's one really cool thing about this job.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taste of Summer Today {Cary Photograher}

My little man wanted to make lemon squares yesterday, so how could I resist? As he insisted on using the hand-held mixer by himself, I was impressed with his domestic interest. But, then I realized it probably had more to do with dessert and power tools than a genuine interest in cooking. Oh well, I'll take it. Whatever his motivation, the time together was fun and the end result was delicious.

Mmmmm. Lemon squares. Sweet and refreshing. Light and Tangy. Flaky and moist. Hungry yet? Maybe I'll share some. Maybe. Depends how nice you are.