Monday, March 30, 2009

365 Project

It's time that I shoot for myself again. I spend so much time photographing my beautiful and wonderful clients, and I'm forever grateful to share my passion with my clients. And, still, I find that my camera is packed away, or somehow not accessible for the daily moments in my own life that are so sweet. So I've started a project for myself. For my family. Every day, for one year, I'll take one photo. I'll capture their goofy expressions, the silly stuff, and the quickly passing days. I will have them to look back on when I'm old and in a nursing home. My kids can pass them down for generations (um, if I print them). No, I mean, when I print them. Photos on disk are dangerous. They are just bits and bytes. Only a print is there to be valued. Okay, off that tangent... When I print them. My kids will have them to pass on to their kids. This project is about my family. It's about my kids. It's about the people who I love the most in this entire world. It's about focusing on what matters. ;)

I'm posting all of them in a folder on facebook... go ahead and "friend" me if you want to see them all. :) Here are just a few from the first week.

Oh, and the added bonus... it's sparking my creativity, forcing me to try new things, and I'm learning to shoot outside my comfort zone. All of these will make me a better and more creative photographer.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Doing a happy dance!

I go in spurts in entering contests. I forget to enter. Or, I'm too busy to enter. Or something else. And then I remember. So, in the past month, I've entered a few images, and gotten some fun recognition.

Yesterday, I received an email telling me that "A Dancer's Shoes" received 2nd place in's monthly contest. There were almost 20,000 entries in all the categories, and only 10 selected for the 2nd place in the People category. It's quite an honor.

Today, "Fishy", is a Photo of the Day (POTD) in the People category at

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here fishy

When I suggested we go get some goldfish, my kids thought I was talking about the crackers. Then, we arrived at the pet store. Fortunately, fish are at the front, so they didn't see the birds, hamsters, and more cute and cuddly pets. Here is a shot of our new pets. Anyone want to wager how long they'll last????

Monday, March 23, 2009

Aren't chubby babies the best?

This little guy had so many rolls and the softest skin. He's a hungry little fellow, too. He wanted to eat a few times during our session. But, you have to eat a lot if you want to be this cute. He's just adorable! And after working for quite a while to get some great images, the little guy passed out in his mom's arms. It's hard work being a little model. :) Here are two from Saturday. It was great to meet you "C" and "S". I hope you like them!

Mmmmm goooooood

I'm on a health kick. Maybe it's the fact that spring is upon us, and that means short sleeves, shorts, and, um, swim suits. So instead of firing up the grill for a good burger this weekend, we fired it up for a portabello mushroom. I brushed it with a bit of italian dressing, and topped it with a slice of provolone and roasted red pepper. With the bun grilled just a bit, it was perfect. MMmmmmm. Good.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Background

Spring is in the air, and I'm feeling motivated, refreshed, and ultra creative! I know lots of people love the white background, but here's a fun alternative. It's a little fresh, a little traditional, very distinctive, so it's perfect. This would be awesome for high school seniors, a family session, maternity, or newborns. Depending on how I light it, I can make the swirls more subtle or dramatic.

I'll give a special gift to the first family who calls and asks to use this backdrop at their session, so call me today!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet "R"

Here is sweet little "R" who is one years old. She's such a beauty!

The rest of this week

Hi everyone! Just a quick update that the studio will be closed Wednesday through Friday of this week. I'm at a photography related meeting on Wednesday, and facilitating training for Dale Carnegie on Thursday and Friday! At the latest, I will get back to you over the weekend. Thanks!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Green Tree Industries - Part 2

As promised, here are a few more from the commercial shoot with Green Tree Industries. The concept was to show how the reusable shopping bags can be used for more than just groceries. We came up with a bunch of ideas: going to the gym, dance class, the beach, on a picnic, to gymnastics, to sports, to the pool, etc. We also wanted to show how they could be used for retail shopping as well. We had a lot of fun filling the bags and making them look good.

As I'm filling the bag with the workout stuff (yoga mat and towel), I'm trying to think of what else could go in there. I thought... water bottle! And as I was packing the bottle I happened to be drinking from, I was stopped for good reason. The whole point of these bags is being green, and putting a non-reusable bottle in there isn't sending the right message. Of course, that makes perfect sense! I had to laugh about my own ignorance in the moment. Though I must admit, I do try to avoid the plastic bottles... but there is a time and place for them. For example, I have water available for clients to drink during a session. Just a little extra something. And, of course, the reusable plastic bottle that I did buy a while back had to be thrown out because of the whole BPA thing. So... I guess it's time to go shopping for a new reusable water bottle! In the name of going green.

So, back to the bags... spending all day shooting the uses for these bags gave me a kick start. I threw a few in my car so they're there when I go shopping. And, I used one to take the kids stuff to swim lessons on Monday and gymnastics on Wednesday. And, they're great for hauling the snow pants, boots, etc. to and from school. But, hopefully, we won't be doing that until next winter!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Going Green with Green Tree Industries

It's something that I've been trying to be better at. Recycling is a given; we do that with ease. I keep our thermostat low. We traded out most of our bulbs for the compact fluorescent. So, when I had the chance to photograph these really nice Green Totes, I was ecstatic! Here's one sneak peek. I'll post more tomorrow. And I have a funny story, too. So stay tuned.

Oh, and doesn't the produce look amazing? Mmmm. I'm actually craving a salad right now. And I NEVER crave a salad at 10:30 at night. Chips or candy, sure. But, a salad, not a chance. Except for now. It must be the bag that makes the healthy stuff look so good.

The company is called Green Tree Industries. They make a wide assortment of these reusable shopping bags. More on them later, too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photo of the Day at Shutterbugs

This image of this tiny dancer was selected as the Photo of the Day today in the People category at I just love this beauty's little fingers as she ties her shoes. And her pretty face and falling hair. So pretty!