Friday, July 25, 2008

Who likes a secret?

No peaking! I can't show you yet. But, I'm working on something really fun for all my baby clients. Actually, it's for their super nice mommies. I'll give you a hint: it's really cute, it includes an image of your baby, and it's practical. How often do you get something that's totally cute *and* practical. Okay, that's technically three hints. Give up? Well, I'm still working on it, so I don't have any images to show. So, you'll just have to check back in a little while.

Here's one more tidbit of info just to tease you. I think they are so cute and fun that I'm giving one away for each baby session. Yay! I'll do this for baby sessions going forward. And, if you've already had a baby session, I'd be happy to make one for you as well. Just say "pretty please with sugar on top".

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