Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do you Facebook?

Is that already a verb, like "google" is now a verb? I'm not sure if Facebook is a verb yet, but it should be because Facebook is fun. I was pretty skeptical that it could be any different than, say Linked In. But, Facebook has some super fun applications. I like that you can post images. How fun it is to search and see what your grade school friends now look like. Or, at least what their kids look like. Since a lot of people use their kids' images for their Facebook image.

So, I'm thinking aloud right now... Wouldn't it be nice for your old and current friends to see a super great image on your profile? I'd be happy to send you a small sized image (with a small logo it) for your Facebook photo. Just add me as a friend, and write on my wall, or add a comment to this post. This is my gift to my current and former clients, because you're all such great people. :)

Looking forward to seeing you online!

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Jen Arendt said...

Hi Julie,

Whenever you have time, would you be able to send me a picture for my Facebook profile? If you can do the one of the four of us on the bridge (the one with the soft effect), that would be ideal. Thanks so much!