Friday, March 21, 2008

What happened to Big Wheels?

This is a totally random thought. But, remember big wheels? As I child we loved them. Riding low, peddling fast, and racing down our street. My mom and dad reminded me how we rode them so much that we wore down those hard plastic tires from breaking and spinning out.

I did a quick google (and froogle), and found that the only place I could really find them was at Target, and only online, and in seemingly limited supply and not for sale yet. I'm on the email notification list when the pink one becomes available. This just might be the toy that everyone else *doesn't* have.

But, this doesn't answer my question about their absence in our kids' driveway racetrack. When I think of the toys that are still around: Cabbage Patch Kids, Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers... what about big wheels?

Were they declared unsafe somewhere along the line? Did kids decide they just weren't fun? I really want to know whatever happened to big wheels? If you know, please tell me.


Kim said...

Hey Julie!! We have 4 big wheels in our basement! The kids race around the "circle" as fast as they can go. Tim just picked them up at Target a couple months ago. I know we looked for them when we moved in and couldn't find them, so maybe they do go fast when the stores get them. Couldn't wait to get them when we found out we were buying a house with an unfinished basement.....gotta have them! They are the same as when we were kids.

Also, my sister, Amy's, proofs look great! I can't wait to get Isabel back to you. :) Kim N

juliem said...

Hi Kim! Thanks so much! I just checked again, and they have a new one. The 16" Origal Big Wheel. It's internet only. So, I ordered that one and the princess one. I can't wait until they arrive. What a fun surprise it'll be. The basement is a great idea!

Thanks so much for the tip, and for saying "Hi"! I can't wait to see Isabel again. :)