Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last week I was incredibly lucky to have some of my dearest "chicks" (aka pixel chicks) come to Chicago for a photography workshop. Although, I wasn't permitted to attend the workshop because I live in IL, my friends came in a few days early to see the city and hang out. I had fun chatting, walking, laughing, shopping, eating, and taking pictures with Alli, Candy, and Megan.
We spent Friday exploring Millennium Park. We spent most of the time looking through our lenses, and here's some of the images that I captured:

The "Bean". Here we are... our collective self-portrait.

From the underside of the bean: I'm the tiny speck in the very middle, laying on the ground shooting up into the bean.

Here's Alli:

Here's Candy:

And Megan:

This couple was so cute and all cuddly that I couldn't resist taking this image.


Allison said...

Hey, did you Liquify me? I don't look fat in that one. LOL. GREAT shots, I love how everyone saw something a little different and took so many different angles. Great sky in the lighted wall one too, AWESOME!!

juliem said...

You're too funny, Alli. That's a "NO"... I didn't liquify you. I promise. See? We told you that you look great!

Picture Perfect said...

Please liquify me! You are brave - I haven't posted mine yet - lol. It was fun =)

Ali said...

Did they know you took it? I think I would have been tempted to tell them and ask them if they would have liked a copy of it :o)

juliem said...

You know, I didn't have a card on me, and they walked away right after I took this. Good idea for next time!