Monday, August 24, 2009

What my kids will be wearing

When I shop, I'm always thinking of what I can pull together for photos of the kids together. And, I admit, it's hard! Even stores that have both boys and girls clothing never coordinate their lines. Girls have bright colors, boys have muted tones. So, here's what I pulled together today. It's really a sneak peek, because I just placed my order today from Mini Boden. As of now, this is one option that my kids will be wearing for some fall photos. While I ordered the bunny shirt that's shown below, I may opt for a solid blue shirt for the photo session. I'll also layer my son in a blue shirt as well. So, there you go - coordinating outfits that aren't too matchy-matchy.

Outfits below from Mini Boden:

And, if I were doing a family shoot, I'd throw my husband in a casual blue button down and some khaki cargos, and I'd wear jeans and a sylish brown jacket or sweater with cropped sleeves (you know the kind?) and some a pink long sleeved shirt. I haven't shopped for that.... yet. :)

Don't you just love back-to-school shopping?

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