Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

Wow. A first grader. That's my baby. Well, at least she was a baby. Now she's reading, skipping rope, and doing those hand slapping and clapping games that little girls do... you know, the ones that are the grown-up version of patty-cake. I say every year how time flies. And it only seems to go faster. So, I apologize for saying it here. And, I'm sure I'll be saying it next year. But, all parents feel the same way.

Today, she lined up with her old friends from her kindergarten class and the other kids who will be new friends by the end of today. Together, they walked into the school, put their backpacks in their locker, and started their year. It made me proud.

And here she is with one of her very dear friends in the neighborhood.


Picture Perfect said...

She's so beautiful and I know she's gonna rock first grade!!

Denise Snyder said...

Julie she is really growing up! She's beautiful just like her Mom! What an amazing portrait of her.

Ali said...

She is so beautiful!

Mixed emotions here Julie. Happiness and heartbreak all at the same time.

I am going to cry a river when my baby starts school September 10th.

Cindy Harter said...

What a cutie... Love that beautiful smile :)

meggie said...

How lovely Julie!!! the hug one is precious!

Laura Lynne Photography said...

Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful Julie! and so 'big' girl! It's hard to believe this will be my gabby next year... :) LOVE that first image of her - that's a wall one for sure!