Monday, December 15, 2008

New Frames

I have several new things to show... but one at a time. This isn't for suspense or any other good reason. The truth is that my priority is taking care of client proofs and orders, my family, and when I have the time, to show off new products. I just received a bunch of new framing corner samples today. So, as I was labeling them to get ready to hang, I had to take a picture. If I don't do it now, I never will. Here are some of them. There are some super cool ones. A lot more silver ones. And some super hip metallic corners that I initially thought weren't my thing. But then, I held one up in my very formal living room and went "ooooohhhhh".

So, come on by and take a look. Or, I hope everyone knows that I'm happy to bring the corners to you. It's so hard to tell when you're standing in a store or somewhere else to really know how it's going to look in your home. So, let me grab a bunch of corners, come by and we'll make sure that your framed portraiture gets the "ooooooohhhhhs" and "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhs" it deserves.

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