Thursday, February 21, 2008

New (and Good) Eats in Cary

I live in Cary, IL. It's a great place to live and raise a family. Unfortunately, it's not the greatest place to eat. If you exclude fast food, there are only a few restaurants to select from. So, I was super excited to hear that we were getting a new upscale sports bar and grill, Wool Street Grill. I watched it go up, and it looked like the kind of restaurant that Cary needs.

It opened three weeks ago, and we had the chance to eat there last night. We were impressed. Pete had a blue cheese burger with waffle fries. Mmmmm, those fries were good with that special dipping sauce. I had a pulled pork sandwich that was very tasty. Even the side salad was good and the dressing was homemade and delish. And, the beer selection is great. The place was crowded at 7:30 on a Wednesday night.

I've never advertised my business before. So far, wonderful word of mouth has kept my plate full enough (sometimes fuller than my family would like). But when my friend, Teri, told me about an advertising opportunity at Wool Street, I couldn't resist. So, I've signed up to have my business card printed on their placemats for the next 6 months.

Here's the card I'm starting with:

This little cutie is one of my recent favorites. Isn't she just a doll? It's too bad the card is printed in b&w because she has the most beautiful blue eyes!

I'll be changing the photo on the card every few months. So, your image may be the next one. Wouldn't it be cool if you went to dine and saw your little one's portrait on the table?

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Allison said...

She IS a doll! I hope this is very frutiful for you...and you have me VERY hungry....