Saturday, February 2, 2008

Better Photo Finalists

I recently received TWO emails from better photo saying:

"Congratulations! You have placed as a finalist in this month's BetterPhotoContest! Over 31300 photos were entered into the competition; it is an honorto have your image selected among the top 363 finalist photos."

What that means is that only 1% of the photos entered were recognized. And I had two. Pretty cool.

Here they are:

The little boy was from a pre-school that I photographed this fall. The crop came as a creative inspiration a while later. The second image was from a session this summer. I had so much fun with this beautiful and really nice model and some fantastic urban locations.


lauralou said...

I don't know how I missed these but congratulations Julie!! So deserved! I love how honest and approachable these photos are - I feel like I know the people in them. You truly captured their sweetness. And gorgeous technical work!

Ali said...

Stunning! Congratulations Julie!