Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love this little lady {Chicago Kids Photography}

She was smart enough to know that the purple belt that went with her dress was not the "karate belt" I tried to sell it as. She loves to pose, in a very princess and dramatic almost disco kind of way. And she was a trooper when her boots kept getting stuck in the tree, and as she fell forward, I rescued her from falling on the ground. And she loves suckers that turn into gum (aka blow pops). She's only 2 days older than my son, and her mom and I compared back-pain and other pregnancy related grievances before they were born. And many years before that we shared boyfriend-related grievances. Thankfully, we're not married to those same silly college boys. We found better ones to marry. Time sure flies, but I do think that things keep getting better.

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sherry boles~ said...

Such a sweet image, Julie!