Monday, March 22, 2010

The girl's got style {Chicago Childrens Photograper}

My daughter dressed herself this morning. And, yes, the socks are designed to be unmatched. I love when I find a fun place to get unique things and I just want to share. The store is called Little Miss Matched, and they have the cutest mismatched stuff. You buy socks in sets of three. None of them are the same, but they all go together. So, the problem of losing one sock in a pair is never going to happen. Hurray for that!

The socks came on Saturday along with some mismatched flip flops (fun!), and my daughter picked out the shorts and the shoes. I think she's got a future in fashion. And I'm proud of her for expressing herself.

I can't wait to actually pair these socks with a bright pettiskirt, a fun hat, and a jean jacket.  Sooooo cool!!!!

And, in case you want to check them out, the store is Little Miss Matched. I got these online, but they do have a store in Chicago on Oak St.


Allison said...

Grace wants to do this. We are stealing your idea! Awesome shot!!

Jen said...

Julie- LOVE this!!! I am sooo going to that website! Thanks for the link! Those are the cutest socks ever!

Kara May said...

So girly - love this :)

JBigs said...

Very cute socks! This is like you were talking about in MOPS today...not getting just head shots, right?