Wednesday, January 14, 2009

National Charity Model Search

Technology rocks.... except when it doesn't. I sent out a super-fab, high tech html email today. And it was awesome... if you could view it. Some computers were having trouble with it. I received a handful of emails today letting me know that it wasn't loading. So thank you for letting me know! I appreciate that so much. And, in case you were one of them who couldn't see it, here it is. I'd hate for you to miss out! Click to view it larger. And please call me with any questions. And if you didn't get this email, but want to get future emails, let me know. Or better yet, sign up on the snazzy email sign up form to the left. Don't worry, I won't fill your inbox with junk. Just good stuff. And not too often. And, did I just say "snazzy"? Wow, the cold must be getting to me.