Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Red

I'm having so much fun editing this session. I just love little miss red. She's a little beauty. And how cute is her sweater! This is what I mean when I suggest solids with some texture.

This was a fun session. It's always fun to see what the parents do to make the kids laugh. :) This time, I was laughing, too.

I'm working on the rest, and they'll be up soon. We got some really great ones. :)


Cindy Harter said...

what a little cutie :)

Picture Perfect said...

Yes yes yes! Not those silly old white shirts - lol. She is too precious. Just look at those lashes! Big sigh.

Denise Snyder said...

Oh how perfectly sweet and YES! That sweater is wonderful! Love the vibrant color and texture!

retouching said...

Cute little kid!!!!