Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Photo of the Day

I receive an email from a photographer friend yesterday telling me that I had a Photo of the Day on shutterbugs.biz. Whoo hoo! This site has become increasingly competitive, with over 2,000 entries each day competing for a single winner in each of seven categories. I enter the competition quite sporadically, so I very often forget to check the results. Thank goodness for friends who "have my back".
The photograph below is the winner in the People Category for 1/7/08. Hurray! Isn't she beautiful?! It's called "Striking Eyes", because I just can't believe how beautiful her eyes are. This pretty little girl is now a big sister. Her new little brother is less than a week old! Congratulations to the "S" family on your newest addition!


Candy said...

A well deserved win. You did a wonderful job capturing this adorable model!

Ali said...

Gorgeous colours Julie and such a cutie. I see a future model :o)